Over the years, man has exerted so much effort into finding another habitable planet which is just fine since we are all curious to see what exists in our universe. Just last week,I saw the much acclaimed movie, Hidden Figures starring Taraji P Henson celebrating and highlighting the contribution of black woman to advancements in NASA. Wondering where i am going with this right? Well, this morning as i pored over my usual news websites,I chanced on an article explaining how the UAE had made the decision to invest in habitable human settlements on Mars by the year 2117.
What this means technically is that, in about a 100 years from now, people would be leaving the earth they have pretty much destroyed to settle on another planet that supports life.
Not so bad right? Well here is a quick question. If space travel is commercialized are you one of the few that can afford it? If not, you might want to draw closer and find ways to survive on this planet.

A few years ago, I watched a movie with a haunting plot line which seems to be getting close to reality with the passing of days. In the movie, the rich and famous lived on a newly discovered planet, well developed and clean with a climate that supported immortality. Inhabitants of this new planet automatically got healed when they had a bruise or injury. In fact, this new found planet was really the place to be. A sharp contrasting scene was found on the other planet. The inhabitants were primarily poor people, living in filth, a dead planet with barren soil and sickly climate making strife and hunger the order of the day. These inhabitants needed to trade something dear in order to be smuggled to the new planet by middlemen.

One lesson stuck with me. If you and I sit down today and watch the destruction of our planet while enjoying the latest episode of Game of thrones, ourselves and our generation might suffer the plight of the people left behind on the old planet.And i bet it wouldn’t be pleasurable either.

At the end of the day, the onus lies on you and me to ensure that we have a home on this earth in the next 2000 years. Do take action now!

P.S I am in no way against space travel and exploration!