A very warm Akwaaba!

After years of procrastinating I finally got to today.

I have always been the girl that has always wanted to write about things that are close to my heart (oh yh I like to be heard). So today after a hearty dinner of potatoes, veggies and grilled chicken breast, I am certain that I am ready to do this.

With a very curious mind that supersedes nosiness, but leads me to pore over books and surf the internet and a relatively sharp tongue(maybe sharp fingers in this context)as well as, the eyes and ears of you my dear reader, i think we can do this!

Hopefully you have a faint idea of who I am. So,fast forward, here I am at 20:00 GMT with a full belly, on my bed, thinking about how all things generated from the earth and imagining how things would be if our actions and inaction finally do deteriorate our earth. Even the biblical creation story tells of how man was made from the earth..so you see our asaase played a part in our existence

The million dollar question is, why do we often neglect our dear asaase and treat her worse than are greatest foe? Probably you and I may find the answers, as we raise awareness to protect our environment, climate and everything that supports our very existence.

PS. I would be terribly upset if chickens go extinct by the time I give birth to my offspring. Wondering how they would ever do the chicken dance?
Well, this and many other more reasons are why you should join me on the quest to make our asaase better.

With much love and anticipation
Asaase Yaa