If we could only hear the voice of the earth I imagine it would be a scream of discomfort comparable to someone who hasn’t had a bath in years.

In all truth and earnestness the part of the earth I live in is terribly filthy. A walk through Accra’s populous areas would reveal huge swamps of rubbish that hasn’t been attended to and swarming with flies and other insects. The open gutters are filled with dark gooey liquid and lots of plastic and organic waste. The stench emanating from the unsightly mess is one that would stun your sense of smell. I mean how could we do this to ourselves? How could we walk unconcerned as we see this everyday?

Unfortunately, the filth problem has been summed up as a government problem with lots of people directing government and officials to drench drains that have been choked especially since rainy season is well on its way. While we await the government to take actions, a simple awareness of how our actions can keep our environment clean will be a step in the right direction.

So from today, as you sit in the tro-tro, I urge you not to throw that plastic container on the street, stop dumping refuse into water bodies in a bid to avoid paying refuse collection fees. Gutters are to help improve drainage and not secondary bins or toilets.Stay committed to these efforts, watch others do same and see the amazing improvements that will occur in your area in terms of sanitation.

This my dear friend, could be a first step toward giving our asaase a much deserved clean bath. The aim is to keep her clean and healthy to bear beautiful fruits!